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Equipment Rentals

The Wisdom Of Renting Equipment

There are many reasons why you may elect to rent equipment, either in place of purchasing it or before committing to a purchase. Here are just a few examples drawn from our customers' experiences:

  • Try It Before You Buy It: A customer wanted to test a disaster recovery scenario before making a large hardware/software purchase. For the small rental cost they proved the wisdom of the purchase.
  • Short-Term Projects or Seasonal Requirements: Is there a time of year when you need more processing power? A short-term rental might make more sense.
  • Funding Expenditures through Operating vs. Capital Budgets: Maybe the approval process in your company is shorter for a small monthly rental vs. a capital expenditure.
  • Platform Changes: Your company is an IBM shop, but software you wish to purchase runs on Sun. Why not test before you buy?

Pyramid would be pleased to assist you in assessing whether a rental might make good financial sense for you. Just complete the simple form found here.

Equipment Rentals

We have over $40 million in available inventory, consisting of server rentals from manufacturers such as HP, Sun, IBM and Lenovo.

We also have solid-state flash arrays, racks and software to go along with our server rentals. We delivery internationally. Give us a call now and we'll be sure to give you a competitve quote: 1-877-489-7874.

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Pyramid Technology Services, Inc. is an independent reseller of new, used and refurbished server and networking parts, components and systems from Hewlett-Packard (HP, DEC & Compaq), Sun (Oracle), Enterasys (Cabletron), Force10, Cisco, GarrettCom and many other companies.

Pyramid also provides hardware maintenance and managed IT services to customers worldwide.

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